Social Impact

Support At-risk Women

Did you know that according to the International Labor Organization, 4.5 million people are trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally? The Empowerment Bag aims to free women in India who were otherwise vulnerable to sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Trafficking infographic showing disadvantage that women and girls in India face

Trafficking infographic describing 3 main reasons women and girls get exploited

All our bags are made by women at risk of exploitation in West Bengal, India. These women are given financial independence and an alternative to the sex trade through sewing training, literacy skills, and employment with fair wages.

How our bags are made by at-risk women

Purchasing our bags allows over 200 women in West Bengal to receive salaries and work in a healthy, safe, and productive environment.

Your contribution helps employ otherwise at-risk women

Fuel Even More Empowerment (We Give Back!)

We are fully committed to freedom from human trafficking and exploitation. Therefore, we are giving 5% of sales on The Empowerment Bag to New Light, an organization also in West Bengal that provides shelter, education, and healthcare to trafficked women and their children.

We give back to survivors of trafficking at New Light

Our business model is founded on a cycle of empowerment. We help vulnerable women in West Bengal learn how to sew, read and write, and make bags. By buying our bags, YOU allow us to give $$ back to that same community so that exploited women and kids can live safer, healthier, and more successful lives.

Impact Stories

Supporting The Empowerment Bag means supporting disadvantaged women and children in West Bengal.

Stories from the women we've helped empower

Our goal is to give you an awesome, useful bag that empowers you to get through your day and empowers other women and children to live better lives.